We run regular round robin table tennis competitions at the club, a blitz league for 2-person teams, a club ladder, and a doubles ladder. See the club calendar for the next scheduled event. We also play matches against other clubs, and travel to table tennis tournaments in the region. _____________________________________________________________

Christmas Singles Round Robin: Saturday December 17th.
Our next round robin of the year will take place on Saturday December 17th. Players who wish to participate are asked to either email one of the board, Ron, Larry, Kevin, Grant or Chris. Alternatively show up punctually at Boys & Girls club  at 1.30pm to enter.

Club Ladders: The rules of the club ladders are simple. You may challenge anyone up to 5 places above you. Best of 5 games. If you win you are placed immediately above your vanquished opponent. If you lose the players ladder positions remain unchanged.

To join either the singles or doubles ladder or to enter the results of ladder games please just complete the form below and press submit.

Results and current standings for the ladders may be found under appropriate the tabs on the menu above.

Blitz League: The blitz league will consist of two player teams. The match consists of four games of singles and one doubles. Points are awarded for every game won plus an additional two points for winning the match overall.

Results and current standings for the blitz league may be found under the appropriate tab on the menu above.


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