Doubles Ladder

Rules: The rules of the doubles ladder are simple. Your team may challenge any team up to 5 places above you. Best of 5 games. If you win you are placed immediately above your vanquished opponents. If you lose the teams ladder positions remain unchanged.

Current Standings

1. Murphy and Benedick

2. Vincent and Ellis


Recent Results

Murphy and Benedick bt. Vincent and Ellis 3-1 on 2/14/15

4 Responses to Doubles Ladder

  1. Murphy and Benedick says:

    We will crush our enemies, drive them before us, hear the lamenting of the women and children.

  2. justin d jacob says:

    Moving to Eugene soon.
    Doubles player.
    Xushaofa blade.
    See you soon.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Justin,

    We look forward to playing with you. The ladders have been quiet during the Summer, but we intend to get them going again very soon.


    Club Treasurer

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