Competition Results

Round Robin: Thursday April 16th

Pool #1 (not all matches were completed)

  1. Grant 4-0
  2. George 2-1 (tie for 2nd)
  3. Ron 2-1 (tie for 2nd)
  4. Wayne 0-3
  5. Jesse 0-2

Pool #2

  1. Kevin 4-0
  2. Larry 3-1
  3. Steve 2-2
  4. Sudip 1-3
  5. Bob 0-4

Playoffs: 1vs1 and 2vs2 from the two pools (George did not play)

Grant bt Kevin 2-0

Ron bt Larry 2-0

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One Response to Competition Results

  1. Ron Vincent says:

    It was a lot of fun today to be part of the new 2016 Round Robin! Two deuce-in-the-fifth matches; eeked one out 15-13 against Chris, and Grant was just too tough much with his steady and cool head. He was the best in Group A. Looking forward to the next matches in a couple weeks time on Saturday, Feb. 6. I think it jazzes things up a bit and gets the juices flowing to have the RR’s. Cheers …. Ron

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