Welcome to The Eugene Table Tennis Club.

Our goal is to promote the sport of table tennis and to bring its health benefits to all members of our community. We place particular emphasis on promoting our sport to the youth in our area.

For information about the days and times of our sessions please click on the Calendar tab above, for our location please click on the Location tab.


Important Information: From January 13th until April 18th the gym at the Boys & Girls Club will be closed for renovations. We shall therefore hold our club sessions at two alternative locations Gerlinger Hall at the University of Oregon, as guests of the U of O table tennis club, and The Garden Club at 1645 High Street. Please see the calendar for details

1. There will be no Saturday sessions at The Garden Club in April.

2. On Thursday April 11th from 7-9 we play at The Garden Club not Gerlinger Hall.

3. All play returns to the gym at the Boys & Girls club beginning Thursday April 18th.