Interested table tennis players may contact: The Eugene Table Tennis Club or simply write a comment below.

A list of club officers, their duties, and contact information are posted on our organization page.


4 Responses to Contacts

  1. Shirley Hull says:

    Good evening.

    Our daughter is interested in the Table Tennis Club. She is 14 years old, and shows some promise. What do we need to do to get her signed up?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  2. Shota says:

    Just wondering if there is a kid’s play. If there is one, what time and day is it? Is there a fee to pay, if so, much is it? Thanks!

  3. meg swarbrick says:

    I am an adult – can I play tonight – tuesday – at the boys and girls club?

  4. meg swarbrick says:

    is there any play on Wednesday in Eugene – evening

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