We are an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating under the laws of the State of Oregon.

Articles of Incorporation                 Bylaws ETTC


Club Officials 

President: Ron Vincent

Secretary: Larry Benedick

Treasurer: Chris Ellis

Vice President: Grant Brown

Vice President: Kevin Murphy

2 Responses to Organization

  1. Philip says:

    Ron, Chris, Grant, Kevin:

    I know all you guys a bit, and consider you to be fine upstanding gentlemen. I like ETTC a lot, but due to schedule conflicts I can only drop in a few times a month. I like that there appears to be such an emphasis on singles and on practice. As a professional musician for over 5 decades, I have almost a reverence for systematic practice.

    Today I attended, but there were 10 players at 5 table doing singles practice. (4 of the 5 tables had “officers” playing) I sat down and waited. This continued for a good 20 minutes, so I left and grabbed a quick lunch. Upon returning, the situation was the same. I sat down for another 10 minutes and just left. I did not contribute five dollars.

    I would think that the officers might want to be somewhat mindful of this sort of situation. Perhaps each session one officer should take on some kind of “hosting” duty to keep the mix going. If officers do not attend to this, I doubt anyone else will.

    I look forward to future ETTC sessions, but do know that had I been a first time visitor, I would not ever return.



  2. admin says:


    Very sorry this happened. I did not notice it at the time or I would have interceded. We normally try hard to share playing time. I will watch for this in the future and make sure the situation is not repeated. Thanks for telling us and again apologies.



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