The Eugene Table Tennis Club is a non-profit attempting to bring the benefits of Table Tennis  to the Eugene community particularly it’s youth.


The following is a list of individuals and organizations we wish to thank for their generous support

Noreen Powers

Joe Gonyea II

Dr Timothy Scott

Glenn Waddell

Bill Harbaugh

Dr David Saenger

Mike Wooley

Liz Bohls

Ollie Snowden

Donald and Dianne Angermeyer

John Hudson

Charles Powell and Rebecca Dorsey

David Sanchez

Tianwei Chen

Jayson Yi

Helmut Behrend

Kevin Murphy

John and Kathleen Cooper

Ralph McDonald

Bob Davis

Stephen Lamb and Nancy Chen

Howard and Kathleen Epstein

Philip Bayles

Ron Vincent


If you wish to make a donation to our club please complete the form below and either click on the PayPal “donate”  button immediately below the form, or, mail a check payable to The Eugene Table Tennis Club at the following address: The Treasurer, Eugene Table Tennis Club, 1649 East 25th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403. Your contribution is tax deductible.

To make a donation online via PayPal please click on the donate button below and follow the instructions from PayPal. Thank you.

We are extremely grateful for your generosity. Donors such as yourself are integral in bringing the benefits of table tennis to our community.

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